Globalne pozyskiwanie zasobów - zarys problemu
Data publikacji: 29-02-2008
GNPJE 2008;221(1-2):17-35
The information technology revolution of the past decade and the progressive liberalization of the world’s economies have boosted the importance of global resourcing among enterprises. Many businesses have begun to reevaluate the role of individual resources and factors of production. Large transnational corporations are leading the way in this process. In international economic literature, global resourcing is usually defined in terms of outsourcing and offshoring. In Poland, no research has been made in this area so far. Pakulska and Poniatowska-Jaksch set out to identify the causes of global resourcing and limitations to the process. Their aim is to stimulate greater interest in these problems among Polish researchers. Global resourcing seems to be especially important in an era of intensifying institutionalism and growing challenges faced by enterprises. Nowadays businesses are expected to pay more attention to various social and environmental problems. This trend leads to new forms of global resourcing and is changing its intensity. The regional arrangement of “winners” and “losers” is changing in both micro- and macroeconomic terms. However, this process is difficult to measure due to a proliferation of international non-equity ties. Consequently, it is necessary to work out new methods to examine the socioeconomic implications of global resourcing, the authors say. Priorities include research into the geographic distribution of non-equity ties.
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