Sieci biznesowe na tle innych koncepcji kooperacji przedsiębiorstw
Data publikacji: 31-08-2009
GNPJE 2009;233(7-8):79-91
The paper is concerned with the notion of a business network and compares this form of ties between businesses with other forms of cooperation in the corporate sector. The paper is predominately theoretical in nature. The analysis was carried out from the perspective of what is known as a network approach. In addition, an example of a business network was described. A business network is defined as a set of relations connecting two or more entities characterized by continuous interaction, with a great significance of informal contacts and interdependence in the area of resources, entities and activities. In research reports on the subject, many forms of ties among businesses are linked with the idea of a business network. These include business clusters, virtual organizations, supply chains, logistics networks, and strategic alliances. The author discusses the differences between these forms of cooperation. Practice shows that a business network can be any group of small to medium-sized businesses with common interests and goals. Companies within a business network collaborate with one another in order to pool their resources and capitalize on shared assets. Working together, the group members can take on projects that they might not have been able to manage individually.
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