Tworzenie i likwidacja miejsc pracy w sektorze przedsiębiorstw w Polsce
Data publikacji: 30-06-2006
GNPJE 2006;208(5-6):1-20
The article updates and broadens the existing body of knowledge on the creation and loss of jobs in Polish enterprises in 1996-2004. The author uses measures proposed by Davis (et al.) and a collection of data on the financial reporting of enterprises in the non-financial sector. He also calculates job creation and loss ratios. The study shows that average ratios for job creation and loss in the analyzed period ran at a relatively high level of 10.4 and 12.6 percent respectively. This indirectly shows that that the Polish labor market is relatively flexible and potential barriers only marginally apply to the creation and loss of jobs in enterprises. Moreover, the analysis shows that job flows are strictly related to economic growth. The research indicates that processes involving the creation and loss of jobs are characterized by considerable permanence. More than 80 percent of the jobs lost this year will not be recreated next year. On the other hand, in the case of job creation, only half the newly created jobs will be maintained next year.
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