Rola marek przedsiębiorstw handlowych na rynku produktów częstego zakupu
Data publikacji: 25-09-2003
GNPJE 2003;186(9):74–88
The article is devoted to the dynamically developing phenomenon of trade enterprise brands. The reasons for their occurrence are discussed, with exposition of economic considerations, desire to being distinguished from among competitors, to expand the trade company’s offer, and to build customers’ loyalty towards the trade enterprise. In a synthetic way there are presented basic indicators of products of trade enterprises’ brands and manufacturers’ brands as well as consumers’ opinions in this respect. Development of trade enterprises’ brands in Poland is presented as one of the manifestations of the processes of trade globalisation. The scale and scope as well as dynamics of development of the trade enterprises’ brands in Poland are given, pointing out to the arguments in favour and against development of the trade enterprises’ brands. The author also notes that the consequences of development of the trade enterprises’ brands in Poland have yet not been recognised, and therefore it is reasonable to monitor systematically development of the products of foreign and domestics trade chains’ brands.