Próba pomiaru pozycji konkurencyjnej polskiej branży budowlanej
Data publikacji: 31-03-2005
GNPJE 2005;198(3):35-50
The article addresses the problem of measuring the international competitive position of various economic sectors. The author describes measures such as the “revealed comparative advantage” indicator, the Grubel-Lloyd index and the Bruellhart measure, all of which are traditionally used to evaluate international sector competitiveness. However, these measures predominantly provide information on the character of intra-industry trade between analyzed countries. That’s why the author subsequently presents her own proposals on measuring international sector competitiveness. One of them is an “export-import” indicator that describes the competitiveness of products and services offered by companies from the analyzed sector on a specific foreign market, compared with the competitiveness of other suppliers competing for this market. The author’s concept is then used to assess the international competitiveness of Poland’s construction sector. The analysis is conducted in reference to European Union and Central and Eastern European markets of key importance for the sector (according to the state prior to May 1, 2004). The proposed methodological solution is supplementary with regard to concepts presented earlier in literature on the subject.
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