Konkurencja w branży a internacjonalizacja i globalizacja
Data publikacji: 25-11-2004
GNPJE 2004;196(11-12):19-33
The article provides an analysis of internationalisation and globalisation consequences for competition on a specific domestic branch market, which is a market more and more opening up to foreign competition. Enterprises, which have been so far operating on domestic markets, make 2 decision to go out with their business operations (commercial or manufacturing) abroad. Some of them not only go outside their domestic markets, i.e. internationalise their activities, but even conduct their operations in a way integrated on a global scale, thus applying a global strategy. In view of such a company behaviour, in the case of many branches we may talk about internationalisation and globalisation of competition. During the discussion over internationalisation and globalisation consequences for branch competition, both static an dynamic aspects of the branch are taken into account. This means that changes to the branch structure are analysed along with behaviour of "domestic" enterprises as confronted with those entering the branch of foreign firms. Besides, indications are given for the global nature of competition as a process.
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