Innovation Complementarity and New-Product Exports
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Publication date: 2017-02-28
GNPJE 2017;287(1):95-117
Extensive empirical research has been dedicated to the links between firm innovation and exports and to the relationship between innovativeness and business cooperation. However, there has been little research into the links between innovation, innovation cooperation and exports. This results in a fragmentation of knowledge in this field in both Polish and international literature on the subject. Most researchers focus on technological (product and process) innovation, while paying little attention to marketing and organizational innovation. Also, the complementarity of different types of innovation and their relation to exports is rarely taken into account. Moreover, studies on cooperation in innovation processes rarely take up the issue of cooperation partners, particularly in the context of exports. This paper intends to complement this knowledge. The findings are based on an analysis of firm-level empirical data collected by Poland’s Central Statistical Office (GUS) in the Polish version of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) for 2008-2010. The results of the analysis show that combining various types of innovation as well as innovation cooperation, especially with foreign partners, enhance the international competitive advantage of Polish manufacturing firms and increase the intensity of new-product exports.
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