Bariery rozwoju małych firm technologicznych w aglomeracji łódzkiej
Data publikacji: 25-05-2004
GNPJE 2004;192(5-6):90-102
In advanced economies factors limiting development opportunities of small high-technology firms (SHTFs) are an important and broadly documented area of research. Results of research projects in this field provide a significant reason for formulating recommendations for economic policy instruments of advanced economies oriented towards supporting development of this kind of economic entities. It should also be pointed out that the main instruments of supporting SHTFs’ development in advanced economies are oriented towards reduction of adverse consequences of basic factors restraining development opportunities of SHTFs in those countries. The results of analyses of factors limiting development opportunities of small high-technology firms in the Łódź agglomeration presented in this article indicate that the market barrier linked to insufficient demand for highly innovative products offered by SHTFs is the most significant factor in this respect. The remaining ones include: the barrier resulting from the government policy and the financial barrier.
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