How Enterprise Size Impacts Innovation in Polish Industry
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Publication date: 2014-02-28
GNPJE 2014;269(1):121-139
The article looks at how the size of enterprises influences innovation in Polish industry. The author attempts to determine whether or not enterprise size has an impact on different forms of innovation and whether this calls for a revision in the government’s innovation policy. The article also aims to establish whether or not Polish industrial enterprises innovate in a different way than their counterparts in highly developed countries. In transition economies, enterprise size influences economic processes, including innovation in industry, the author says. The methodological part of the study makes use of a probit modeling approach based on probability theory. The results of the study show that the key to enhanced innovation is to encourage medium-sized and large enterprises to innovate, the author says. Micro and small businesses, on the other hand, exhibit a low level of risk acceptance, Świadek adds. Still, over time, innovation in small businesses tends to evolve toward the pattern observed in medium-sized and large enterprises, according to the author. The article identifies areas in which the author believes innovation should be particularly supported by the government.
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