Determinants of Supervisory Board Member Remuneration: The Case of Warsaw Stock Exchange-Listed Banks
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Publication date: 2016-12-31
GNPJE 2016;286(6):43-68
This paper aims to identify factors determining the remuneration of supervisory board members in banks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The study was conducted on a panel sample of 1,034 observations. For the purposes of the study, an econometric model was used containing three groups of explanatory variables representing corporate governance standards, individual characteristics of supervisors and economic performance and conditions. The study found that among corporate governance variables with a significant impact on the remuneration of supervisory board members was the number of committees on which individual members sit and the block of shares held by a strategic shareholder as well as by the supervisory board members themselves. Individual characteristics of management proved to be an important factor in determining the level of remuneration of supervisory board members. The position held as well as the function performed were positively correlated with the level of remuneration. Seniority had a positive impact on remuneration as well. The analysis showed that economic performance and conditions were among the factors taken into account when determining the level of remuneration. The size of a bank, measured by asset value, was positively correlated with the level of remuneration. The rate of return on assets, both in the current period and in an earlier period, as well as the debt ratio turned out to be statistically significant.
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