The Competitiveness of the French Economy in the Wake of the Economic Crisis
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Publication date: 2013-08-31
GNPJE 2013;265(7-8):113-132
The article investigates the competitive position of the French economy in comparison with other key European Union economies, taking into account available statistical data and competitiveness indexes. The analysis is made in the context of a decline in the competitiveness of the French economy in the wake of the economic crisis and an apparent lack of effective measures to overcome this process. The author discusses the results of analyses of competitiveness of the French economy in 2011 and 2012, highlighting the reasons for the country’s declining competitiveness and outlining the measures taken to overcome the problem. Czyżewska uses statistical data and descriptive analysis methods as the main research methods in the article. Statistics show that France has lost its competitive position, especially with regard to Germany, the author says. She discusses the reasons for this and looks at several measures proposed to overcome the problem. Overall, these measures reflect the complex economic situation of France and call for multi-pronged action in the French economy, according to the author. The list of economic reforms that need to be carried out is long, Czyżewska says, so the future competitive position of the French economy depends on the level of commitment to pressing ahead with these reforms.
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