The Social Security System - Reform Amendment Proposal
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Publication date: 2004-03-25
GNPJE 2004;190(3):1-15
A diagnosis based on early experience and an analysis of operating conditions of the new system provide a starting point for amendment of the reformed social security system proposed in this article. The diagnosis does not challenge the principal lines of the transformation made in 1999, Nevertheless, it tackles such threats as the potentially great variation in benefits and their relatively low level, insufficient pressure on efficient activity of insurers in the capital-based pillar, and potentially high budget costs in the system "reforging" process. The proposed remedial measures include, first of all, the free choice of the scale of contributions made to the capital-based pillar, and making capital market players other than Universal Pension Societies (especially banks) eligible for collecting and investing a part of the mandatory contribution to social insurance. The article points out the need to implement an additional reform package including, in particular: step-by-step raising of the statutory retirement age, extending upon the self-employed (also in agriculture) the principle of linking the social insurance contribution level to the income level, and making all categories of income subject to payment of social insurance contribution (accompanied by appropriate cuts in the contribution levels).
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