Information and Communication Technology in Contemporary Society
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Publication date: 2009-12-31
GNPJE 2009;236(11-12):67-95
The paper aims to determine how information and communication technology influences contemporary culture and examines the nature of this relationship. The analysis is based on socio-cultural research combined with socio-metric and humanistic studies, along with an eclectic approach. The author uses qualitative methods, in addition to system analyses, discourse analyses, secondary analysis, and participant observation. Digital and communication technology is changing the nature of interpersonal relations in today’s world, Wassilew says. Social networking sites on the internet make it possible to strengthen old and create new interpersonal ties, and they also contribute to the development of an information society. Technology used in interpersonal communication changes the way in which people look at the world around them. This eventually leads to new lifestyle patterns, in addition to economic, political and cultural changes, Wassilew says. According to the author, the paper’s findings can be used in business, marketing, logistics, organization and management strategies, and in the design of IT and communications systems.
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