Potential Government Revenue from Income Taxes and Social Security Reforms in Agriculture
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Publication date: 2012-06-30
GNPJE 2012;256(5-6):99–118
The article aims to estimate potential government revenue that could be generated from imposing an income tax on incomes derived from agriculture. The author also looks at revenue that could be generated from covering farmers with the general rules of the public retirement system. The author presents different scenarios for such a reform and discusses problems related to its implementation. To estimate potential revenues from the reform, Kula assesses agricultural incomes using data on area payments and statistics on the Farmers’ Social Insurance System (KRUS). This makes it possible to calculate the amount of taxes and social insurance contributions. The results suggest that many farmers – especially those whose farms do not exceed 10 hectares in area – would still be exempt from income taxes even if the reform were introduced. Revenue from taxes and contributions would rise, Kula concludes, but it is unclear if the public sector would benefit from the reform because the changes would also lead to an increase in expenditure.