Why Do Firms Turn to Leasing?
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Publication date: 2015-04-30
GNPJE 2015;276(2):113-144
The paper seeks to establish why companies use all kinds of leasing programs to finance their operations. The authors analyze determinants such as debt level, profitability, liquidity, company size, and tax incentives. They conduct a quantitative literature review (meta-analysis) using vote-counting procedures in order to systematize findings on why companies decide to finance their operations through leasing. The authors have reviewed more than 130 studies on how businesses finance their operations. Of this, 27 studies focused on leasing programs. The authors analyzed a total of 254 econometric models focusing on the determinants of financing business operations with leasing programs. While conducting their meta-analysis, Białek-Jaworska, Dzik-Walczak and Nehrebecka estimated special logit models to identify specific factors determining the significance of the predictors used. The authors found that “study characteristics such as the year of publication, the studied period and the sample size significantly influence the relationship between a company’s debt and financing through leasing.” The authors also conclude that “the variable determining the relevance of the results for the relationship between profitability and the use of leasing is the number of observations in the sample, as well as the year of publication, number of observations in the sample, and the length of the sample in the period relevant to the construction of the model.”
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