Human Capital in Selected Models of Economic Growth
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Publication date: 2011-02-28
GNPJE 2011;245(1-2):81-103
The article focuses on the influence of human capital on the accumulation of physical capital, technological advancement, the development of the national financial system and income disparities in selected models of economic growth. The author also examines the impact of different stages of economic growth and external effects on the accumulation of human capital. The discussion is based on neoclassical and endogenous models of economic growth as well as the findings of empirical studies. The review of economic growth models in terms of the role of human capital shows that the accumulation of this factor of production has a substantial positive influence on the development of the real economy, Jabłoński says. What’s more, the level of economic development has a strong impact on human capital accumulation. As a result, the author concludes, human capital is a driver of economic growth, while economic growth contributes to the development of human capital.
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