The Use of Derivatives by Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
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Publication date: 2012-04-30
GNPJE 2012;255(4):127-151
The article investigates the scope of and the rationale for the use of derivatives by companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The analysis applies to companies active in industries other than the financial sector and is based on data contained in these companies’ financial reports for the 2007-2010 period. The evaluation focuses on the type of derivatives used, their market value and how often they are mentioned in the companies’ financial reports. On the basis of the information gathered, the author determined the number of companies using derivatives as well as the popularity of these instruments. Ożga also examined the structure of risks hedged with the use of derivatives. He compared the results against data for selected developed and developing countries. The study showed that only a small percentage of companies hedge their exposure to market risk, the author says. Moreover, the study invalidated the hypothesis that a growing number of Polish companies use derivatives, which may indicate that companies incorrectly identify risk, do not know how to manage it, or do not understand the essence of hedging. The author also undertakes to evaluate risk management in Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed companies. To this end, he makes a distinction between hedging and speculation. The results of the analysis show that at least half the companies surveyed used derivatives for hedging purposes, Ożga concludes.
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