The Economic Impact of Shale Gas
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Publication date: 2015-02-28
GNPJE 2015;275(1):55-82
The paper examines the economic impact of shale gas extraction. It also discusses the methodological approaches and tools used in studies in this area. The article is based on a literature review that focuses on identifying the key mechanisms determining the impact of shale gas on an economy. The reviewed studies vary in terms of methodology, territorial scope, range of effects considered, and time frame. Some authors emphasize output and employment growth as the main result of extraction and investment processes, Boratyński says, while others recommend a more comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, focusing on economic efficiency and decreased energy prices as the most important effect. Research reports also highlight the importance of externalities related to the potentially negative impact on the environment and health, especially at the local level, Boratyński notes. Valuation of external costs, however, is subject to significant practical difficulties and uncertainty, according to the author. The assessment of shale gas impact is usually based on simulations using a multi-sector economic model, an energy system model, or a hybrid of the two, Boratyński says. He adds that attempts at empirical ex-post estimation of such an impact raise questions about the validity of assumptions used in some simulation analyses.
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