Comparison of European Union Countries by Development Level
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Publication date: 2008-08-31
GNPJE 2008;225(7-8):99-118
The article compares European Union countries in terms of socioeconomic development and determines Poland’s position in the league table. The author uses 29 statistical indicators characterizing different aspects of socioeconomic development in EU countries. The league table was compiled using various multidimensional comparative analysis methods in accordance with a development model proposed by Z. Hellwig. Poland ranks far behind other EU countries in the league table, 23rd or 24th depending on the adopted analysis method. Poland ranks among the top 10 EU countries only in five socioeconomic indicators. Poland’s main advantages include an unpolluted environment, a well-developed higher education system and high-quality farm produce, Stec says. The country’s weaknesses, on the other hand, include a low GDP per capita level, high unemployment, and the need to export hi-tech products. Among the countries that joined the EU together with Poland in May 2004, the Czech Republic, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania rank much higher than Poland in the league table.
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