Integration of Commercial Companies
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Publication date: 2003-01-25
GNPJE 2003;181(1-2):30-53
The last two years saw a further deepening of integration processes on the Polish market. The rapid expansion of foreign retail chains, which to a major extent stimulate market-oriented and competitive approaches of Polish companies is accompanied by an emergence of a growing number of domestic systems integrating more and businesses. Another characteristic feature of the deepening of integration processes is the start of a transformation of organisational integration into capital integration, along with growing significance of systems based on franchise contract. As can be seen from the results of surveys carried out by the Internal Market and Consumption Institute, the pace of expansion of retailers associations, purchase groups and franchise systems is to remain moderate by 2005, while in a longer perspective, i.e. by 2010, purchase groups and franchise systems are to gain on importance substantially. Integration processes are to be fostered and accelerated by such factors as further expansion of large foreign retail chains, prospects for Poland’s joining of the single European market structures, global strategies of large commercial chains and development of partner-like links between those involved in distribution channels, as well as further advancement of state-of-the art sales techniques and methods.
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