Criteria for the Selection of Stakeholder Management Strategies for Infrastructure Projects
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Publication date: 2017-12-31
GNPJE 2017;292(6):95-113
The objective of this paper is to assess the influence of stakeholders on the implementation of infrastructure projects by classifying their strength and direction of impact. The relevance of such an assessment, based on an appropriate stakeholder classification, is intended to make it possible to select the type of interaction in relation to the identified groups and the budget necessary to carry out those activities. The starting point of our research was a critical analysis of the literature. Subsequently, research material was obtained using a questionnaire. The material was analysed using descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis. Based on our statistical research, we identified the attributes of each stakeholder group. We then ranked them in order to determine their strength and impact on the project. The results obtained from the identification of attributes and stakeholder classifications were used to develop a stakeholder management system/strategy for an infrastructure project. The results can be used to formulate a universal methodology for assessing the impact of stakeholders on the implementation of infrastructure projects. Proper identification of the strength and direction of stakeholder impact on the implementation of an infrastructure project allows the stakeholder to be identified to determine their impact on the project. Conclusions from the qualitative and quantitative analyses may be used to develop stakeholder management strategies.
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