Trends in International Economic Research as Reflected in the Journal of Economic Literature
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Publication date: 2010-10-31
GNPJE 2010;243(10):1-35
The authors analyze the subject matter of articles published in leading economic journals in the European Union and compare it with the focus of research conducted by academics from top European schools of business, economics and management. The analysis focuses on the 1998-2007 period when a growing number of papers by researchers from Central European countries began to appear in international publications. The authors assume that a paper’s chances of international success largely depend on its subject matter. That is why it is important to study what subjects are covered by leading economic journals and to examine the focus of interest of academics from leading European schools of business, economics and management, Karbownik and Knauff say. The authors use data from the Journal of Economic Literature on the topics of articles published in economic journals by authors from schools affiliated in the CEMS alliance of business schools and multinational companies. Karbownik and Knauff conclude that although the schools differ from one another—especially Central European schools differ from their counterparts in “old” EU member countries—the gap is shrinking and it is possible to say what kind of research, in terms of the subject matter, should be encouraged to narrow this gap still further.
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