The Elasticity of an Enterprise as a Configuration of Partial Elasticities
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Publication date: 2008-04-30
GNPJE 2008;223(4):59-84
The paper deals with the issue of enterprise elasticity. In economic theory, elasticity is the ability of an organization to identify and take advantage of available opportunities to minimize or reduce market threats. The elasticity of an organization is a desirable feature in a turbulent environment. The elasticity of a business enables it to optimally adapt itself to market conditions. This adaptation involves an optimal time frame and factors influencing the company’s capabilities. An enterprise’s elasticity can be looked at as a configuration of partial elasticities. The authors examine the relationship between the elasticity of an organization as a whole and the elasticity of its individual resources. The paper describes the results of research into selected aspects of elasticity in production, services, deliveries, sales, human and financial resources management, and organizational structures. To attain their goal, the authors carried out empirical studies among 34 businesses. The collected data allowed them to formulate conclusions about the decomposition of enterprise elasticity. As part of the study, the authors identified seven partial elasticities and ranked them on the basis of a statistical analysis.
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