Poznań University of Economics (1926-2006)
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Publication date: 2007-04-30
GNPJE 2007;215(4):1-14
The Poznań University of Economics was established in 1926 by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with regional education authorities. Initially a small private school with limited enrolment, the university obtained its status as a major academic institution in 1938. Reopened after World War II, the Poznań University of Economics was nationalized in 1950 and reorganized to function as the only institution of higher education in Poznań to confer academic degrees in economics and management. By 2005, the number of teachers at the university increased from 57 to 609, and the number of students rose to 13,385, from 2,026 in 1950. Today the school offers master’s, doctoral and doctor habilitatus degrees in three key disciplines: economics, management and commodity science. It is the only business school in Poland to confer such degrees in all three areas. The Poznań University of Economics cooperates with many foreign universities. With some of them, it provides joint master’s and Master of Business Administration programs. It also pursues scientific research, with special achievements in areas such as macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics and demography, marketing and logistics, international trade, accounting and financial controlling, economic geography and regional economics, management, commodity science and quality management. In many research areas, members of the school’s faculty cooperate with foreign institutions. This includes joint research within the framework of European Union programs. On its 80th anniversary in 2006, the university was expanded and reorganized again to better serve the needs of science and education.
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